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Your guide to the many homeschooling roads and which is the best route for your needs.

First, High Schoolers to the right!

the journey

In order for this resource to serve you best, we have structured the page around one fundamental question:
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are you considering homeschooling?

Please choose the answer that best fits what you're looking for:
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Long-term lifestyle choice
! route currently under construction !
Temporary solution
  • Covid-schooling
  • Kids will eventually go back to school
  • Parents need support
  • Parent(s) is/are working full time
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Need a homeschool consultant?

- Noun
- The specialized human link that searching parents can use to help find the best home education solution for their unique family needs.
Also known as - "home education mentor", "educational consultant"

Looking for a cottage school or learning center?

Cottage School
- Noun
Definition -
A location outside of the home where groups of children are taught by one or more teachers for a limited time during the week using the parent's choice of curriculum.
Learning Center
- Noun
Definition -
A location outside of the home where children learn online (sometimes using provided equipment) while under supervision.
Also known as - "A homeschool", "homeschooling centre", "learning facility"

Wanting to do online school?

- Noun
- A method of learning where students are primarily taught through interaction on internet-connected devices and interact with teachers and other students in real-time online, at their homes or a designated learning centre.
Also known as - "virtual school", "cyber-school", "e-school"

Looking for a Tutor or Au Pair?

- Nouns
Definition of a tutor (Oxford Languages)
- a private teacher, typically one who teaches a single pupil or a very small group.
- Nouns
Definition of an au pair (Oxford Languages)
- a young foreign person, typically a woman, who helps with housework or childcare in exchange for food, a room, and some pocket money.

Do you want to homeschool?

- Verb
Oxford Languages Definition
- to educate a child at home, not in a school
Also known as - "learning lifestyle", "home education", "homeschooling"